Euro Coffee Single-Serve K-Cup Keurig 20 Compatible



NEW 52 COUNT! – New eco-friendly bulk recyclable box. Lower price, same quality coffee! MEDIUM-FULL ROAST – We roast to a tasty full-medium color. An artisan blend of Brazilian coffees with hearty Specialty Grade Central American coffees ALL NATURAL – 100% natural vanilla extracts. Natural flavorings are more costly but do not impart the chemical after taste of artificial flavorings. We can taste the difference and we think you can too! CHOOSE YOUR STRENGTH – Our coffees are often stronger than expected; if you prefer your coffee a little weaker, select a larger cup size on your brewer when brewing. AWARD WINNING, ARTISAN ROASTER – Euro Coffee is an award winning artisan roaster and importer of the finest quality coffees from all over the world since 1984.


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